User Manual

How do I search for homes or hotels?

When you want to find a home or other accomodation in Tokyo it's very important to find the best neighborhood for your commuting needs. You can use to explore the city and surrounding area looking for the most convenient location.

You can plan your commute to work, school, leisure places for you and as many people as you desire.

  1. In the search form on the top of the page, select your target destination. Station names will be suggested as you type. For example, type Shinjuku

  2. Select your desired maximum commute time Desired max. distance

  3. Select the maximum number of train lines you're willing to change Number of transfers

  4. Click on the button Add another if you want to select multiple stations, repeat the previous steps to describe your desired commute

  5. Click on the button Search to start the search with the desired stations

As an example, if you work in Shinjuku and your partner works in Yokohama, you can search:

  • Shinjuku - 30 minutes - 1 transfer

  • Yokohama - 45 minutes - no transfer

The page will display areas in and around Tokyo that allow you to get to Shinjuku within 30 minutes changing at most one train, and to Yokohama in less than 45 minutes with a direct train.

Explore the list of results

Once you click on Search you'll see a list of stations that match your criteria.

List of convenient stations for your searched commute

The map on the left side highlights all stations that are reachable within your desired commute time.

On the right side instead you can see the same information but in a list.

Each station will show

  • Average monthly rent price

  • Average distance from the desired places

  • Commute details, fastest route from each desired place

  • Link to search individual homes on external websites

The list can be sorted by price or distance by clicking the button at the top.

The default average rent price displayed is for a 1LDK mansion, but you can change the selection and display the price for different types and size of homes.

If you're looking for an hotel you can click on Hotel on the right side and the application will show the number of hotels near each result station. You can sort results by number of hotels or distance from the desired places.